CTET exam syllabus pattern 2022: Previous year questions to download

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I’ve covered the CTET exam syllabus pattern 2022 here together with the previous year’s question papers.

CTET exam syllabus pattern 2022: Previous year questions to download

If you ask me what the CTET eligibility requirements are, what educational qualifications are required, and where can I obtain the CTET test syllabus in Hindi and English, CTET language supplemental materials, and CTET exam syllabus books, the last date for CTET online form, and the next CTET exam date in 2022, I’m here for you with answers.

The languages include Tamil CTET, Bengali CTET, Assamese CTET, Garo CTET, Gujarati CTET, Kannada CTET, Telugu CTET, Malayalam CTET, Manipuri CTET, Marathi CTET, Miro CTET, Nepali CTET, Odia CTET, Punjabi CTET, Sanskrit CTET, and Urdu CTET.

What you can get here is:

You will be instructed on how to obtain the official CTET notification, the CTET exam pattern, and how to excel in the exam, as well as some exam tips.

So here is my question:

Do you know what CTET stands for?

First of all, you should know what CTET is. CTET stands for Central Teacher Eligibility Test, and it is mainly held for those who are appointed as teachers in the central government.

The teacher eligibility test (TET) exam is commonly conducted by both the state government and central government.

Okay! You might agree with us.

This exam is generally conducted twice a year by CBSE. We are all well knowledgeable about what CBSE is abbreviated for; it's (Central Board of Secondary Education).

There are various exams available, like AIEEE for engineering entrance, AIPMT for the medical test, etc., which are all conducted by CBSE only.

CTET recently issued notification 2022.

Here's how to obtain the CTET test syllabus pattern 2022 in five simple steps.

Method #1: Download the CTET syllabus pattern and previous year's Question paper 2022:

CTET exam syllabus pattern 2022

Yes, of course!

It’s a generic way, an applicant who has applied for a Central TET exam can download your CTET Syllabus 2022 at the official website www.ctet.nic.in

CTET Sept 2022 has two papers to conduct: paper-1 and paper-2. Paper-I is a primary stage from class I to V conducted in the afternoon session.

Paper II is a morning session paper for students in grades VI through VIII.

Both the Paper-I and Paper-II exams are conducted for 150 marks, and that’s for only two and a half hours.

OMG! That’s awesome.

So, let's have a look at some of the recent year's questions.

CTET: Question Paper 1 for Octo 2022 CTET: 

Procedure #2: Tap your CTET exam notification, syllabus, and question paper for TET 2022.

For candidates for the exam dates, the online application submission process is available on the official site. Just log on to the portal link which is mentioned above, or just read below, and you will come to know the producer.

Paper-I is conducted on topics of child pedagogy, maths, ES, and languages.

Paper-II is conducted on topics of child pedagogy, languages, maths, and science or social

Candidate, surely you should appear for both papers. It’s up to CTET government examination rules.

Procedure #3: For winning the CTET exam, you should have a winning-mind

Don’t worry about that:

Here I have a knock-out message for the TET examination: Here we are providing CTET previous papers, reference books, and study materials for your preparation. By getting previous papers, you can figure out the CTET exam question structure.

Having that material will make you brave!

For candidates who’ve prepared for CTET September 2022 here, we are giving some information about the CTET Syllabus 2022.

What’s the bottom line?

Procedure #4: Yes! This is for sure getting your CTET exam pattern 2022

Knowing important facts about CTET examination patterns is a must.


• Child development and pedagogy- 30 marks

• Language-I-30 marks.

• Language-II-30 marks

• Mathematics-30 marks

• Environmental Science-30 marks


• Child development and pedagogy-30 marks

• Language-I-30 marks.

• Language-II-30 marks

• Mathematics and Science -60 marks or

• Social studies-60 marks

The CTET or TET exam syllabus has a dedicated page for all requirements regarding the CTET examination.

Sounds new?

Yes, it has a dedicated page for CTET announcements.

And, this page has a list of the syllabus and question papers for upcoming exams.

Procedure #5: Important links which take you to the direct CTET page

• Log on to the official site

• Examine the CTET exam format or curriculum structure, as well as prior year question papers from 2020.

• Click on the link until you get

• Download the TET syllabus pattern in PDF form

Wow! Freaking point

CTET is merely targeted to test the general aptitude of the candidate and his/her expertise in all basic fields. After CTET, you will be appointed as a teacher and you must understand that the process of child development and child psychology varies from one child to another.

We hope that the complete information is updated, which is related to the CTET exam pattern and the previous year’s question paper.

But here is the deal for our readers:

Either visit the CTET Exams page for hall tickets, because it will be updated there in the respective row of the exam.

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