DXC Technology Recruitment 2022 | Salary 4+ LPA | Hiring For Freshers | Apply Now

Hi guys, welcome to our Ojas Portal! today came up with a very good feature to have an opportunity from the exit. Our technology guys, our technology is one of the top companies in the world today they’re offering absolutely a freshers room.

DXC Technology Recruitment 2022 | Salary 4+ LPA | Hiring For Freshers | Apply Now

You guys will see what that role and outdoor play is for this road. Then if you studied a bachelor’s degree in computer science, or if you studied to become a PPA, any degree, if you have any knowledge of computer science or software engineering or operating systems, you can apply for this role.

And guys, it is absolutely an entry-level job. And as I mentioned, if you know this, uh, all the Microsoft Office tools and all the operating system, knowledge or software engineering knowledge, if you’re studying to become tenors are gonna apply for this role.

What are the requirements and out to apply for this role?

We’ll discuss everything guys.

So we’ll see.

What is the role?

The role is associate professional software engineer guys. One of the best roles there is a DX is offering one of the best tools because why I am telling best role because if you are studying one also, you cannot play, but

you should have computer knowledge of 30. That’s what they’re expecting. Kinetica Bandler is a location.

As you can see here, And guys, what are the requirements?

Once you come down, you can see here, these are the job essentials or job requirements, guys, our job description, as you can see here, and we’ll go into the basic qualification, we’ll concentrate on this part, guys.

So, as you can see here, these are the basic qualifications.

What they’re expecting from you is that as you can see a bachelor’s degree or an equal combination of education and experience, if you have experience also, then also you can apply for this role.

If you don’t have experience, then you can also apply for this role. But if you’re done with your bachelor’s degree, then you can apply for this role.

Are you eligible for this role?

Bachelor’s degree in computer science management information system or related fields to prefer, as I mentioned as a concealer management information system.

So if you’re starting management a quarter, like become BPA.

BRC, these people also can apply for the troll guys and guys, this is, as I mentioned, this is an entry-level job.

As you can see here, uh, performs routine assignments and as a concept, chill, knowledge of theories, practices, and procedures.

As I mentioned, as you can see software engineering. and operating system concepts.

If you know, you see here, as I mentioned, if you know, operating system programming, and if you know software engineering, then you can apply for this role guys.

And another requirement, what they’re expecting is that basic analytical and problem-solving skills, guys, this one each and every company expert these guys,

as you can see here, and another one is combination skills to interact with the. Team members and support personnel.

Guys, you should have a combination of the knowledge of interacting with people or support members.

The ability to work in a team environment and they should be a person with a team environment and a work environment and office environment.

You should get adjusted for all these things. so, want to feel all this is eligible for you then.

You can apply for this role guys, once you’re done with this, you click on apply and now you’ll be redirected to the main form that guys you can auto-fill with Once you upload your resume automatically, it will redirect every detail into the required fields.

And if you didn’t mention it, don’t take that first.

So apply manually. And my use my last application, if you’re applying for dxc.technology

before then you can use this, or else you can apply manually. I’ll go with our plan manually so that everyone can understand.

Usually, DXE follows a work deck or talks demons, many big. MNC companies use the Okta account.

So this year you have to register for an account. You can create your one account. As you can see your year. One account you can create. Once you create an account, you log in with this.

And once you sign up with this account, you’ll be getting a message from the company that you successfully applied for the throat. And if your profile matches the company's requirements, then they will contact you as soon as possible.

This is all about the job guys. Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Please comment if you have any kind of query in your mind.

Thank you!

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