How to join JioMart delivery | JioMart Delivery Boy Jobs 2022

Hello friends, welcome to the Ojas Portal! In this post, we’re going to discuss delivery jobs.

How to join JioMart delivery | JioMart Delivery Boy Jobs 2022

Where we give you all the details related to the delivery partner job and friends, in today’s post we will if you will see about mother delivery job, then we request that you read this post completely so that you will get all the information related to the job in one video and then you will get another video on this topic.

If there is no need to read, before starting the post, we tell you what information you will get in this post, first of all, in this video we will give you the Jio net and its delivery job. we’ll give information about then we will see what is the eligibility criteria of this job and in this

what documents will be required, then after that I will tell you how much salary you will get in which job

And how much these centres will be available together, after that we will see what the benefits of joining this job what is it and in the end, we will tell you how to apply for which job, If you would like to get information about you, then you can go to the Button of the eye for those who want to know about you.

I can also see that first of all, if we talk about gym art, then as you all know that White is the Reliance Kunwar platform that delivers things, which is the first online grocery in the market.

Started with the delivery of Vegetables but nowadays all other products like Fashion Lifestyle This Ghar If you are delivering the rest of the goods, then the friends who work like a delivery boy in the market will give you Also towed the delivery of items of grocery and other household and personal products to their customers.

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What are the requirements?

Now what you have to do if you talk about your requirement, then the first requirement is that you should do 10th It is mandatory to pass if you have not done 10th then you can not apply for this job friends

After this, you have your basic documents such as Aadhar card, PAN card and a bank account of your own. It is mandatory, whose details you will also have to submit while applying, apart from this, to do this job.

For this, you should have the October key and all the necessary documents related to it like two wheeler

It is also mandatory to have RC Insurance and Pyasi, a copy of which you will have to submit, then you will have to have to submit a copy of your driving license, must have another driving license permit license if you have a learner’s license then you cannot apply for this job right now which is your access point.

Only then you should apply for the job otherwise your application will be rejected and friends, you must have an Android phone which you will be able to deliver by installing the Jio Net’s app.

What will be the payment process after joining?

Now after submitting all these mentioned documents, your joining process is complete. If it happens, friends, now talk about the income of this delivery job, then you will not get any salary here.

You will be given a commission on delivery, see that now your income is equal to the number of successful deliveries you make. According to this, you are given 350 commission on successful delivery in the market, but here. You do not get any separate amount for petrol that your petrol cost in your space rupees

There will be internet, now if we talk about one-day delivery, then you will get to do about 20 to 25 deliveries. But if the demand for delivery in Jio is high in your area, then you will get more delivery during the day.

If you can get it, then if you look at it according to this, if you complete the girl’s jewelry of the day, then you will earn up to 875 in a day and in the same way you will be able to earn 26 thousand two hundred and fifty rupees per month. Now talking about petrol in this, even if you relate petrol for ₹ 4000 months, you still have 22,000 rs.250 will be saved at the end of the month, now I have told you this income without incentive that is because Incentives are not being given in every area in the market, these centres are available only in such areas.

Where the demand for the marks is very high, then if the demand is high in your area, then you should consider it medium. You will also get money for extra delivery and incentives, which will increase your mantra income. If you see the benefits of joining as a delivery boy in the village, as I told you a while back that if you compare it with other delivery jobs like Joe Mateo Pure Ghee or Slipped courier delivery job.

If so, then your ministerial income will be more than this, apart from this, typing like the rest of the delivery jobs here. It’s also not a very strict action, like other grocery delivery jobs, it will take you from six to seven in the morning.

You can’t come here at 10:00 and you can deliver and if you do half an hour from your timing even if you are late, there will not be much problem in it, then after this, it is very easy to use you and you there will be no problem in delivery using this app and in the end, if we talk about the patient here.

The money you earned here in Delhi is next, you will see this money in your wallet, and you can transfer this money to your bank account.

That’s all for your first penny. We hope that you were able to understand this post as much as you found it useful too. Thanks for reading and sharing with everyone!

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