Kerala PSC Hall Ticket: 3 easy methods to download [Proven]

What if someone gives you the easiest and fastest methods to download Kerala PSC hall ticket?

How if someone searches for Kerala PSC hall ticket download get them right there?

Kerala PSC Hall Ticket: 3 easy methods to download [Proven]

Your answer would be: wow!

Yes, I know your need and here I present this wonderful article on the 3 fastest and proven methods of downloading Kerala PSC hall tickets (probably called Kerala psc online hall tickets and hall ticket).

So what you would probably get from this article?

The answer is simple: A step-by-step procedure to download your hall ticket with the respective link.Kerala_PSC

Kerala Public Service commission recruits candidates for various posts every single year. Some of the so-called recruitment are BDO, Lab assistants, Secretariat assistants, Deputy collectors, Junior Assistant Cum typists, and Junior assistants.

There are still many departments that I missed out there.

So, for every exam, candidates are issued hall tickets through the online portal.

When it comes to Kerala PSC hall tickets, you might see many sites that claim to be giving genuine information.

But to the fact, they are not, and I know you knew it.

So, to fulfil your need, I did big research on where exactly you can find the hall ticket.

All the more, I’ve explained it here in a very descriptive way.


Let me give you simple yet sweet information about the KPSC hall ticket:

Hall tickets are released only after the successful approval of your application.

This simply means, your application is approved.

Okay, let me quickly head over to the methods

#1. Get the status of the Kerala PSC hall ticket when you log in to your account

Well, many of you struggle to know the status of your hall ticket while the key is just in your pocket.

It is good to search for hall ticket status on Google, but I won’t recommend it all the time.

Why because when I encounter Kerala PSC's official website, I found that things are a bit different to TNPSC (Tamilnadu PSC).

I mean, Kerala PSC has good privacy over their database.

It’s pretty good compared to TNPSC's official website

But the greatest minus is, that candidates are not updated on how to handle information from the official site.

Yes, it is easy to keep you up to date with the latest announcements!

How then?

Good, please follow the step-by-step procedure:

Visit the official page (KPSC official page)

Then get over to the login panel as exactly shown in the picture below.

Enter your user ID and password

Catch code to make sure you are not a bot.

Kerala PSC hall ticket

After logging in, you will be able to check the status of your application.

So, keep visiting the mentioned site for direct updates from the board.


I shall quickly move you to method 2.

#2. Availability through SMS: A very simple method that anybody can easily opt to

Now it is clear that Kerala PSC provides all its easy methods for applicants to get the hall ticket.

Before then, I usually long for the hall ticket announcement every day before the exam.

When some say this day and some say that day, whom can you believe?

In fact, this frustrates you to a great extent.

But here’s the deal:

Candidates, who don’t even have an internet connection, can get the status of the hall ticket through SMS.

Kerala PSC hall ticket

As you can see, Hall ticket availability can be checked through a single SMS as follow:

KPSC <space> HT to 537252 

Here “HT” denotes Hall ticket and you probably know it already.

Upon sending an SMS, candidates will be informed about the availability of Hall tickets.

So now, you are well aware of two methods to get a Kerala PSC hall ticket.

Here I move to the third and very important method.

I can be sure that this method will be an extraordinary bonus for you.


Good, let us proceed.

#3. Date of Announcement of Kerala PSC hall ticket: Usually been notified through the official homepage [1 bonus tip included]

Whether you are personally notified or not, it will be notified on the official home page.

And to the truth, this is the most common method of downloading hall tickets (TNPSC usually follows this procedure).

Kerala PSC hall ticket

You, being a candidate of Kerala PSC, are lucky as you can always check the status through your private page (By entering your ID and Password).


How can you know the date of the announcement of the Hall ticket?

On hearing this, you would probably say, it’s not possible.

But I tell you, it is possible.


Okay, let me give a clue. Do you have the notification for the recruitment?

If yes, quickly head over to the “important dates” title in the notification.

Now check the date of the examination. Say for example 30th September 2022.

Then you must check for any announcement on the official homepage on 23rd September 2022.

Are you confused about my instruction?

No need!

I want to make it clear that hall tickets are announced 7 days before the examination. This is the same in most cases like TNPSC, RPSC and OPSC.

Waiting is the only solution here.

Bonus as promised: Hall ticket announcement 7 days before date of exam

The condition is not the same in all cases.

The announcement may vary depending upon the type of exam.

But I’ve another tip for you.

If you know you can get the hall ticket 7 days before the exam, why then do you need to worry?

Simply wait till that day.

Additional tips from my side: Hope this will help you a bit [100% sure]

Ojas Portal Tips:

When it comes to the hall tickets, I request you to kindly wait for some time.

As I said in list #3, you can surely get a hall ticket at that time, sometimes, even earlier.

When you head over to the official website, make sure you have your registration number and Date of birth.

All I can say is that Kerala PSC is giving an excellent user interface to its applicants, even so, its value to candidates.

I went a complete round over Google and found only a few value-added contents for the Kerala PSC hall tickets. Hope I’ve covered almost all and done my best for you.

I wrote this article from a viewpoint of how useful if I looked for a Kerala PSC hall ticket.

I’m about to update this article if I can see any updates from the official site.

Bookmarking this page by pressing Ctrl+D (Chrome Browser)

Bottom line:

Depend on the official website for any updates or contact me with your need (Contact Us page).

Share this article if you liked. Thank you 

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